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How I use the Macbook Pro touchbar with emacs

Macbook pro touchbar


I love my 15in Macbook Pro but I haven’t found many uses for the touchbar until I started using BetterTouchTool. It’s a piece of software that allows you control certain aspects of your Mac. One of the features is that it will allow you to modify the Macbook Pro touchbar. The specific feature I use to control Doom Emacs is the ability to create buttons on my touchbar.

I’ve created 5 buttons that merely mimic pressing on the function keys and they only appear in my touchbar when I have emacs focused on my mac.

This is how it’s setup in BetterTouchTool:


Org Capture

The first button is for capturing tasks with org-capture, I have this mapped to <f4>. Here’s what my capture buffer looks like:

Org Capture

Org Agenda

The second button is to launch my Org Agenda, I have this mapped to <f1>. I configured emacs like this to launch my agenda when <f1> is pressed:

(defun ny/switch-to-agenda ()
    (org-agenda nil " ") ;; This is setup with a capture key because I set it up this way.
(map! "<f1>" #'ny/switch-to-agenda)


The third button is to launch my current ledger file. I use Ledger to manage my finances and emacs has a great package that allows me to work with this system easily. I have that mapped to <f2>

Here is the emacs lisp code to launch it:

(map! "<f2>" #'ny/switch-to-ledger)
(defun ny/switch-to-ledger ()
  (find-file "~/Dropbox/finance/2020.ledger"))

Mu4e (email)

The fourth button is to launch my email client which is obviously baked into emacs becuase why wouldn’t it be. I use mu4e for this and I love it because it’s not only a great email client but it allows me to link emails to todos with org-capture.

Here’s what the code looks like:

(map! "<f3>" #'ny/switch-to-mail)
  (defun ny/switch-to-mail ()


The last and final button is for my news client which again, is in emacs. I use elfeed for this.

Here is the emacs code, which is just like the other snippets:

(map! "<f5>" #'elfeed)


As you can see, the Macbook pro touchbar makes it quite easy to make getting to the emacs programs I use quite frequently very quickly. I really love this approach and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can use the touchbar for, especially with emacs.